WHERE DID AMELIA GO? Follow The Bread Crumbs…




I’ll be the first to admit it has not been an easy week for me. It can get pretty crazy when my Taekwondo school, my writing career, AND LIFE is doing backflips all at the same time.

This week, the weather started with me sitting in my office at the school on Monday and feeling the shocks of an earthquake hitting several counties north of me. Then on Tuesday, I was doing battle with snow. Wednesday I was scrambling to get a lot of my TKD students ready for their next belt testing coming up in two weeks. Thursday I juggled several afterschool students squabbling like siblings and teaching a bunch of new students the program. Today, while I’m dealing with thunderstorms, it dawned on me that my latest book, HOW BIG CAN YOU DREAM, launched yesterday. My publisher had to remind me about it because in the swirling vortex of my crazy, three-full-time career life, it had slipped my mind. Glad no one else forgot because we ended the day with my latest inspirational journal hitting #1 in several categories on Amazon and #1 in several countries.

What does this have to do with Amelia, you might ask?

Well, a lot actually.

In the middle of all this creative and Mother Nature chaos, I was also dealing with a medical issue. I woke up last Saturday with the right side of my face looking like I was trying to chew on a tennis ball. I was in so much pain, all I could do the entire weekend was sit in my recliner and bury my face in hot compresses. A trip to the doctor on Tuesday and I was put on antibiotics for an INFECTED SALIVARY GLAND. Who knew your salivary glands could cause your FACE to swell up?

I didn’t.

I was not feeling my best when I got home Tuesday, so I was surprised to see Amelia sitting in my recliner when I walked into my living room. She had come back to make sure I was okay. I was glad she was home, but when I tried to ask her where she’d been all this time, all she did was smile at me all mysterious-like and said, “Follow the bread crumbs…”

And in a flash, she ran out the back door and was off on another one of her adventures.

At least she knows her way back home…



Amelia recliner



Donna L

Hybrid award winning author; aspiring sketch artist; and 4th Degree Senior Certified Taekwondo Instructor. Host of BOOK NOOK REVIEWS. Member of SCBWI. Mom to fabulous son and adventurer delving into the tricky world of indie-publishing.

4 thoughts on “WHERE DID AMELIA GO? Follow The Bread Crumbs…

  • January 24, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    Well, I hope that sometime Amelia will come by and visit me. She needs an umbrella, that girl.

  • January 24, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    Lol…you never know when Amelia might come knocking at YOUR door, Janet, so have some hot cocoa and warm towels waiting…;-)

    Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!

  • January 24, 2020 at 9:42 pm

    Hope the weather and your salivary gland are better! Good luck with the bread crumbs . . . last night I watched a Hallmark movie where the main character left a trail of french fries to find her way out of a maze. Unfortunately she found a dog eating the french fries, leaving her with no path out. Thank goodness Hallmark movies always have a happy ending! Good luck, Donna and Amelia!

    • January 25, 2020 at 3:33 am

      Thanks Rinda! My jaw is much better and tomorrow I’m following those bread crumbs. I have a feeling I know where they will lead me…?

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!


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