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Title: Who Was Anne Frank?
Author: Ann Abramson
Illustrator: Nancy Harrison
Publisher: The Penguin Group
Ages: 8-12




Who was Anne Frank?
A high-spirited child always playing pranks?
A young Jewish girl forced into hiding for two years?
The author of one of the best-loved books in the world?
All of the above!
Here is an illustrated biography about Anne Frank and her world.


Why you should read it:


Anyone studying the history surrounding World War II will have probably heard of Anne Frank. I, myself, have read many different versions of the now famous story of one girl’s plight during one of the world’s most violent eras.

While I thought I was very familiar with Anne’s story, I was quite surprised to discover there were quite a few things I didn’t know about her earlier life before the Nazis invaded her adopted home of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Illustrator Nancy Harrison creates vivid artwork to compliment Ann Abramson’s touching retelling of the everyday struggle in war torn Europe during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Ms. Abramson helps her readers identify with one’s girl’s simple wish of one day becoming a writer and hoping her words might one day inspire the world around her.

Too bad Anne Frank never lived to see how her diary touched so many lives since those horrific days of World War II, but at least we have books like Who Was Ann Frank? to help us to never forget one girl’s dream of a better tomorrow.

A great addition to any home library!
Like-O-Meter Rating: 5 out of 5…grab it!

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