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For the next several weeks, many of my writerly friends will be virtually dropping by to inspire, uplift, and make us laugh as we look for reminders that even the scariest of times do not last forever. I hope you enjoy this FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS series. If you want to know more about me, Donna L Martin, or my books, check out my Story Catcher Publishing website at www.storycatcherpublishing.com)


The Family Dungeon (It’s not what you think)

by Debbie LeCroix


Growing up, I watched my brother play Dungeons and Dragons.  They never asked me to play.  I probably would have. But as an adult, my interest is about as deep as watching paint dry. But, D&D has always been something my son Billy enjoyed. Alex (my college student) always wanted to learn. So when we got stuck in Quarantine, guess what?  Family Dungeons and Dragons every Sunday and Wednesday.  Let me repeat… every Wednesday and Sunday.  (My husband told me if I wanted out to roll badly so I’d get killed off.  His technique has not worked. We are all still in the game 4 weeks later, and I have to admit, it’s kind of fun.) And I’m learning so much. Who knew that there were so many variations and shapes of dice?!

Alex picked a Wizard.  My husband, Todd, is a Fighter, and I’m a lovely Rogue.  Somehow we all picked the same name: Fig.  That’s what happens when you are listening, but not listening to each other.  We all have variations of Fig.   I’m actually Figly, the Rogue. And I’m pretty good with a crossbow.

I have amazing stealth skills, which I use to “borrow” ale.  Billy, the Dungeon Master, makes me role every time I choose to do this, to see if I’m as efficient as I can be.  I think it’s his way of teaching me consequences.  I’m not a huge drinker in real life, so I’m using my alternative reality to build up my tolerance.  Some rolls of the dice is better than others.  I’ve also learned with my strong persuasion skills and card game abilities, that I’m great at gambling to get what I want or save us from a situation.  Of course, I think my son changed the rules for me.  I’ve never liked the violence of attacking goblins, giants and Bugbears with axes and bows. I’d much rather friend them and read them a bedtime story.  This is difficult to do as Bugbears are like hobgoblins, but bigger and scarier (I think.) I’m learning an entire new world here.

It’s really fun to watch Billy as our Dungeon Master.  He loves to act out all the attacks.  It’s like watching a YouTube video, but in real life.  I really need to get some of these on camera.  (I almost said tape, but that would be irrelevant since we no longer have tape.) 

Along the way we saved a Goblin, named Droop.  I want to call him Doby.  House elf/goblin….  Droop has actually saved us a few times.  He doesn’t have much confidence, but has been just what we need to win against a encampment of orcs and one ogre. Please note for any real die hard D&D players, if I misspeak your language, it is not intentional.

Family Dungeons and Dragons is a really great bonding experience.  Since we have no activities in the evenings and all my events have been cancelled, we are using our time to bond and try something new.

It’s also really great for opening up the imagination, learning to world build, and creating story scenarios.  If you are looking for something to do, and this sounds fun, I say go for it! It’s all about the experience points.




Debbie book



Children’s Literature – Jodell Sadler

This is a title that looks like it’s all about telling time, but it’s actually about anticipating time. And really celebrates clocks, clock sounds, such as various cuckoos and tick-tock sounds, and movements to the rhythm of the day. It also brings up the various lullabies, serenades, and unique sounds that can come booming out every sixty minutes. This story is told through the interactions of two unspoken characters, a blue bird and a horse that step in time together, hang from pendulums, who remind each other to listen, sleep to lullabies, and wake up in time to start their day. This book is a nice reminder of all the sounds of many kinds of clocks: cuckoo, alarm, grandfather, hall, kitchen, and anniversary clocks, that kids might find in their lives and the roles they play. Kids who enjoy this title may also enjoy 10 Minutes to Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann, which shares a fabulous unspoken story in the illustrations.




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Author Debbie LaCroix writes picture books and is a playwright. She’s currently working on her first middle grade novel.  She also sells Usborne Books & More.  With her free time, Debbie reads Tarot cards and interprets dreams to help empower others and help them find their stories.  You can find her at www.debbielacroix.com for her writing, www.goreadtoday.com for her books, and at www.facebook.com/dreamcatcherdragon for her Tarot.