BOOK NOOK REVIEWS: Hope At Sea, An Adventure Story by Daniel Miyares

TITLE: Hope At Sea, An Adventure Story


PUBLISHER: Anne Schwartz Books, 2021

SYNOPSIS: “Hope doesn’t only want to listen to her father’s stories about his voyages at sea, she wants to be part of those stories.

And so, unbeknownst to her parents, she stows away on her father’s 19th-century merchant vessel. But look… The wind has picked up and the sky is darkening…

Could there be such a thing as an adventure that is too exciting?”

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THIS BOOK : Everything about this book grabs my attention! Stunning illustrations. A touch of nautical history. And of course, the ocean which ALWAYS calls to me! Author/Illustrator Daniel Miyares creates an action packed adventure on the high seas with this tale of one girl’s attempt to join her father on a trip of a lifetime. The young narrator stows away on board while this newly built clipper ship travels to faraway lands like West Indies and Port Rio Grande. But when an angry storm threatens their very lives, who or what will come to their aid and bring them safely home? You’ll have to pick up this wonderful book to find out! Great addition to any library!

RATING: *****5 Stars *****


1 star…probably not worth your time.

2 stars…there are some things to like, but could elements have been stronger.

3 stars…this story will appeal to some readers but others might find it lacking something.

4 stars…strong story, nice illustrations, and should grab the attention of many readers.

5 stars…superbly written story, stellar illustrations, a must addition to any book lovers’ collection!


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