THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: Life Weighing You Down?



My best friend teases me sometimes because I had a run in with a crazy squirrel once. My wild squirrel wouldn’t let me out of my own house. He would sit, watching my back door until I opened it and would then charge it like a bull…chattering away in squirrel language about whatever issue he was having with me at the time! This went on for days and then suddenly he was gone. It was a time when my days were weighed down by one angry squirrel.




Then there are times when we feel the weight of our obligations and daily struggles are simply too much for us to bear. We think if one more person asks a favor of us, our cart will tip skywards and we will be left dangling in frustration. Writers get like that sometimes. I have discovered this past year that it isn’t as simple as saying to oneself, “I’m going to write a picture book”, or “I’ll be published by Christmas”. It takes time and the struggles can be overwhelming if we let it. I have also discovered three simple steps we all can take to prevent overloading that cart…




Step One…Relax. Take a chill pill. Like the song goes, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Writing should bring you joy. While every writer has a dream of hopefully becoming a published author one day, I still write just for the pure joy of it…it fills my need to share a bit of myself with the world and THAT makes me very happy.




Step Two…Take some time out to read a good book…or two. I like reading everything from children’s books to classics. From self-help to non-fiction and everything in between. Sometimes burying yourself in a fascinating story allows you to forget about the day’s stressful events for a few moments and allows you to simply be.




Step Three…Have some fun! We are only given one lifetime so why not enjoy it to the fullest? Don’t worry if you might look silly…just get out there and try something new. You never know what a great time you might have until you take that first step. Pretty soon you will realize the things you thought were weighing you down were actually helping to lift you up into becoming a stronger person. And THAT is what living is all about. Just remember one thing, though.

Everything isn’t always what it appears…



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