Book Nook Reviews


Every week on my blog you will find a book review to consider. I will give a rating of 1-5 for each book I review according to the following scale:


1 star…probably not worth your time.

2 stars…there are some things to like, but could elements have been stronger.

3 stars…this story will appeal to some readers but others might find it lacking something.

4 stars…strong story, nice illustrations, and should grab the attention of many readers.

5 stars…superbly written story, stellar illustrations, a must addition to any book lovers’ collection!

Our opinions are our own and all books we review are either given to us free in return for an honest review, books checked out from our local library, or ones we’ve purchased for review purposes.

Have a book you’d like us to consider for the BOOK NOOK REVIEWS lineup? Here is the criteria for consideration:

  1. We review picture books, chapter books, young adult novels, inspirational novels,  but may consider other books so let’s chat!,
  2. Print copies will be reviewed and then donated to local libraries in support of Children’s Literacy. Ebooks are also accepted.
  3. The book being reviewed must receive at least a 3 on the rating scale listed above in order to be included in the BOOK NOOK REVIEWS lineup. Reviews with a 3 rating or higher will be promoted on numerous social sites including the Story Catcher Publishing blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, and more.
  4. Any books with a review rating of 1 or 2 will receive a private email indicating areas which may have affected the overall rating.
  5. Authors or Publishers wanting books to be considered for BOOK NOOK REVIEWS should forward an ebook copy to Any print copy needs to be forwarded to Donna L Martin, C/O Story Catcher Publishing, P O Box 27788, Knoxville, Tn  37927.
  6. Picture book reviews are usually posted within one month of receiving, chapter books and young adult novels within two months.
  7. Any questions, send us a message at

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Check out our BOOK NOOK REVIEWS on our blog and lets “catch” some great stories…together!