THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: Are You A Floater Or A Sinker?


yellow submarine.jpg


Come on everybody…sing it with me:

We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine…

That is, we all do if we call ourselves a writer. But it’s what we do while ON that boat that determines just what type of writer we can call ourselves…




We can be a Floater…

A Floater plays it safe. Hanging near the surface, they chose simple plots with no depth and hope the surface ripples will trick readers into thinking there’s more below the surface. Writers who choose to float throughout their writing career will always keep land in sight because the fear of the unknown keeps them tethered to their safe place.

Or we can be a Sinker…




Sinkers don’t let the safe current keep them stationary. They take that chance, diving deeper into unknown waters and taking risks with their visions in the hopes they will come up with a treasure to share with the world.

In my heart, I’m a Sinker. Though I fear the depths at times, life beneath the surface calls to me. There is an energy there that I can build my stories upon. A place where I can go to discover the other Sinker spirits around me. Which are you? Where will your yellow submarine take you today?




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