Maytia scooped up the rune stones and threw them into the dirt once more. He knew better than to think the future could be so easily changed with a flick of a wrist, but he still held out hope as he studied the new pattern. But no matter how Maytia looked at the stones, the message was still the same.

The gods had spoken.

He always knew this day would come. It was the ways of the ancient ones…this choosing of souls every seven years…like low hanging fruit. Like culling a herd of animals where only the strongest remain.

Quickly storing the stones in the pouch hanging low on his neck, Maytia headed toward the upper ridge of the forest. There he would have a better view of those coming for him. His mother’s voice floated on the wind.

“Be careful, my precious one. It is your time.”

“I know this, Meenu, but I do not have to like it.”

“How can you turn your back on the gods? It is our way, Maytia. It is the only chance to ensure we as a chosen people survive.”

“I know this is the way of YOUR past, Meenu, but must someone always die so others might live?”

Maytia knew it was useless to argue with her. All she’d ever known was the ways of the elders. It was only outlanders like himself who questioned the rightness of these sacrifices. Now it was his turn to be pitted against those on his trail. He’d felt their energy all evening, like lightning bolts crawling across his skin. By the time the last of the evening’s moonlight filtered through the treetops, Maytia could almost taste the fear on the wind from those hunting him.

They had no idea what was about to happen with the coming of the sunrise.

Even Maytia didn’t know exactly and he had no time to toss the stones again.

They were here.

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