THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: In A Flash (Fiction) It Was Gone…




In honor of Halloween, I had a really tasty short story to share with you today. One to give you the shivers and get you ready for the night. But something happened on the way to this post. What should have been a spooky, chilly holiday tale, suddenly morphed into this wonderful picture book story and in a flash, my flash fiction today was gone like a gourmet cookie and all that was left was a hint of what might have been…

That’s one of the things I like about writing. The freedom to twist and turn your words into something different than what you originally envisioned. A fleeting thought can become an idea which blossoms into a story which before you know it, becomes a five book series. In real life, I’m an organized person who takes only calculated risks…never straying far from the path I planned out for my life.

In the world of my imagination…oh, that wonderfully twisty, turny, never-ending world in my mind…I am free to create whatever those unlimited boundaries will allow. And so, when my flash fiction laughed at me, removed it’s mask, and revealed it was a creepy, quirky picture book manuscript, I decided to go with it. Instead of capturing one moment in time, I find I have stepped into yet another world of my own making and I will follow it wherever it might lead me.

But just in case you are wondering what you might be missing, here are the first couple of lines from what WAS going to be this week’s flash fiction piece…
Its dark and creepy, with just a little peeky,
As we sneak to the gloomy ghoul hall.
While outside drooping, silently swooping,
Birds of the night will eerily call.
With eyes gleaming, gnashing teeth showing
A scary scarecrow welcomes one and all.
Lumbering clouds drape the moon like a shroud
As stars light our way to the gloomy ghoul ball.

Now, don’t you wish it would have stayed a flash fiction piece so you know what happens next? 








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Best selling, award-winning author, Donna L Martin, has been writing since she was eight years old. She is a 4th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo by day and a ‘ninja’ writer of children’s picture books, chapter books, young adult novels and inspirational essays by night. Donna is a BOOK NOOK REVIEWS host providing the latest book reviews on all genres of children’s books, and the host of WRITERLY WISDOM, a resource series for writers. Donna is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators and Children’s Book Insider. She is a lover of dark chocolate, going to the beach and adding to her growing book collection. Donna’s latest chapter book series is called HISTORY’S MYSTERIES. Book One, Ship of Dreams, is available in eBook and print form from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and other online retailers. Also, coming to the Titanic Museums in Branson, Missouri, and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Book Two, A Chocolate Train Wreck, will be released in November.

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