THANKFUL THURSDAY: A Little Christmas Magic

This year has been a whirlwind of writing projects, publishing challenges, and promotional events. I’m delving deeper into the world of publishing, expanding my brand, and strengthening the partnerships that have helped me get where I am today. 

During this holiday season, I took several opportunities to give back to one of my elementary schools that inspired and supported me in 2019.


Colleen gift basket 1


This young lady stopped by my author booth at Barnes & Noble this past weekend and supported my writerly efforts by purchasing both HISTORY’S MYSTERIES: Ship of Dreams and HISTORY’S MYSTERIES: The Chocolate Train Wreck. This gave her a chance to win a Titanic themed gift basket, and from the looks of it, the basket was a hit!


Lana dolphin 1


Lana Shelton-Lowe, principal at Dogwood Elementary, received an acrylic spinning cube of the Titanic. I can’t thank her enough for her continued support of my books and Story Catcher Publishing. 


heather xmas tree


And last, but not least, is librarian, Heather Lynn. Not only is she wonderfully creative (just look at that awesome book tree), but also very generous in her support of my writing by purchasing several copies of books one and two of my HISTORY’S MYSTERIES series.

I’m just your average writer who experiences ups and downs on her publishing journey. But every once in awhile, I stop my hectic life just long enough to catch my breath and say a prayer of thanks for some of the lovely people who have become part of the fabric of my life…showing their loving support through so many acts of kindness, my heart can hardly believe it.

And THAT, is the true magic of Christmas…




Amelia travel.jpg


Amelia is traveling the world to let everyone know HISTORY’S MYSTERIES: Ship of Dreams and HISTORY’S MYSTERIES: The Chocolate Train Wreck is on sale right now…just in time for Christmas! But hurry, only 16 more days until Christmas!


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