FLASH FICTION: I Won’t Be Home For Christmas





***During this Christmas season, we need to take a moment to remember those of us who might not be able to spend the holidays with loved ones. Our freedom to open presents under the Christmas tree shouldn’t be taken for granted. Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy my little story.***
Gracie stepped onto the tarmac and looked around. Just another stop in a long line of shows to help with troop moral. She’d never guess it was almost Christmas by the look of the grey barracks surrounded by the mud and slush of a dreary December afternoon.

Tugging her coat closer to her, Gracie ran the last few yards to the mess hall where a temporary stage had been built for the entertainment. She had just enough time to get ready before her curtain call. How many times had she stepped onto one of those stages to sing for men so far from home? One look into their war-weary faces and Gracie could tell the only Christmas wish on their lists was a one way ticket home.

Papa told her when he left her at the train station it would be hard traveling so far away during the holidays. Turned out he was right. But in her heart she knew she was still where she belonged.

“Little girl, you make sure you sing your heart out for those guys. Poor blokes, some won’t see another Christmas.”

“I will, Papa.”

“And remember, look for the northern star and know your mama is always watching over you.”

Tears misted Gracie’s eyes as she thought of her mama while getting ready for the show. The pain was still a dull ache in her chest even after three years but Gracie knew her mother would be proud of what her little girl was doing.

Gracie did a final check of her makeup and slowly smiled back at her reflection before heading onstage. Outside the world might have forgotten about Christmas but for the next two hours she planned on bringing a little bit of the holiday spirit indoors…

***Okay, it’s your turn! Does Gracie help those soldiers forget they’re so far from home? Could there be a special surprise waiting for her as well? Put your creative cap on and add a sentence or add a paragraph. Continue my story or start one of your own. Join the fun and see where this picture prompt takes us!***