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For the next several weeks, many of my writerly friends will be virtually dropping by to inspire, uplift, and make us laugh as we look for reminders that even the scariest of times do not last forever. I hope you enjoy this FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS series. If you want to know more about me, Donna L Martin, or my books, check out my Story Catcher Publishing website at www.storycatcherpublishing.com)



Setting Goals and Self-Publishing Tips

by Amelia Griggs


          2020 is a leap year, and what a strange year it is indeed! While we are practicing safe social distancing, we can use the extra time to write down some goals, plan for the future and strive to do something we have never done before. If you’re thinking about writing a book, now is the best time. If something is holding you back, let go of it. There is no time like the present to follow your dreams and make things happen. Make 2020 the year you make your dreams come true. Dream a little…dream a lot! January 13, 2020, was Make Your Dreams Come True Day, but it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. Dream a lot and dream big to prepare for September 25, 2020 which is World Dream Day!
          If you have an idea about something you want to do in 2020, write it down before it flies right out of your head. I keep journals and notebooks, both paper and electronic all over the house, because you never know when the next big idea will pop up.
          I’ve been getting a lot of questions about KDP vs. IngramSpark, and which is better. KDP is free to create, upload and update a book listing. IngramSpark is usually $49 for a book listing and $25 to upload updated files; BUT if you use coupon code INGRAMSPARK2020, all fees are currently waived. I have used KDP for most of my books (which are tech books and children’s books so far), but for the hard cover versions of my children’s books, I used Ingram Spark since Amazon’s KDP does not currently have a hard cover option. The quality is good with both but there are some differences. I created a video comparing quality of both which you view here if you are interested.  
          If you could go back in time, what advice would you tell the Amelia who was just starting on the self-publishing path?
          I would tell myself that it takes time, so be sure to plan your schedule accordingly for all aspects of the writing, formatting, and self-publishing process. Also, it’s important to build your brand and become familiar with the marketing and promoting process as well.
           What advice, in general, do you have to give novice writers of picture books who would like to self-publish them?
           Proof, proof and proof again. Hire an editor as well as a proofreader, and always be sure to order your proof copy to review and approve before you put your book live and announce it to the public.
          For more self-publishing advice, I would like to give a shout out to Picture Book Planet for interviewing me and publishing this article about the self-publishing process: https://picturebookplanet.com/self-publishing/
Happy Writing!
Amelia book
***The Bella and Mia Adventure Series! ***

The third book in the series: Snowflakes With Sugar

Mia and Bella are decorating for the holidays and decide to make a special treat which is a family tradition. Mix flour, eggs, vanilla, sugar, a little of this and a little that, plus lots of love, and what do you get? Can you guess what it is? When the doorbell rings, Bella and Mia wonder…who can it be? This charming holiday-themed rhyming story includes the recipe and a little history about this surprise treat!

The Bella and Mia Adventure children’s book series is designed to foster love within families by promoting fun activities with parent and child. It also introduces rhyming to children. Rhyming helps children with memory and promotes learning. Reciting rhyming is also an excellent bonding activity for parents and children, or in a group setting with children.

Each story is inspired by warm childhood memories of me watching my mother cook all kinds of scrumptious foods and the fun times we had in the kitchen. Recipe included in the back of the book!

Amelia picture
Amelia Griggs is a Learning Design and Development specialist, Instructional Designer, Writer and Authorpeneuer. She enjoys researching, designing and developing all kinds of educational materials, writing instructional articles, blogging, and composing fictional short stories. She is currently working on educational eBooks, how-to guides, instructional YouTube videos, and children’s coloring and activity books. Amelia has always loved writing for as long as she could remember. She also loves writing short stories, rhymes and poems, and there’s even a historical fiction novel in her future.

She has a Bachelors of Business Administration with a Major in Computer Science, and a Masters of Science in Instructional Design and Technology.

Please visit all of Amelia’s websites and social media:  https://linktr.ee/ameliagriggs  

Reach for the stars and be all you can be. 🙂
May success, happiness, good health and prosperity be yours!
Happiness is doing what you love!

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