(Editor’s Note…If you’re like me, adjusting to a new, COVID-19 world is a bit stressful. Everywhere you look…radio, TV, newspapers, and even the internet…are stories of the latest stats from around the world. Hospitalizations. Unemployment. Social distancing. How do we keep our sanity in the middle of all the craziness? 


For the next several weeks, many of my writerly friends will be virtually dropping by to inspire, uplift, and make us laugh as we look for reminders that even the scariest of times do not last forever. I hope you enjoy this FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS series. If you want to know more about me, Donna L Martin, or my books, check out my Story Catcher Publishing website at www.storycatcherpublishing.com)


Margot’s Magical COVID-19 Survival Kit!

by Margot Finke


The threat of COVID-19 has changed the way we must live.


***Ways to alleviate the stress of being isolated indoors***


I go out into my garden and work among the flowers, soak up the sunshine, and take many deep, lung-enhancing, breaths. My husband mows the grass, cooks, and is setting up the usual small seed pots on every windowsill and available space – for spring plantings!

We read books on our Kindles (Library is closed), and I catch up on cupboard cleaning while I listen to music. Groceries and fruit are ordered on line and delivered into the trunk of our car – no humans contact! I am always reminding Hubby to wash his hands. I am also in charge of sanitizing everything we buy or touch. We are older, so we protect ourselves to the best of our ability. Doing this gives us a great comfort. 


***Take advantage of  “Contact” that is Virtual and Safe.***


In the Internet age, no need to feel isolated!

Using Skype or Zoom will put you in touch with friends and relatives. Just Google them, download the program, and you can enjoy virtual visits! FREE. Grandkids feel closer when you Skype together, suggest books for them to read, or play online games together. Most teens (or even younger) know their way around the Internet. Ask them for computer help. They will love you for making them feel so smart and useful.

Use your email or text, and reach out to anyone you feel like chatting with. And for the really techie challenged there’s always your phone. A neighbor who lives alone would love a call from you, or an offer to order their groceries and have them delivered. They will feel less alone, and you will feel the power of friendship, and doing a good deed.


*** Keep your sense of humor sharp, and ready for any fun that “virtually” floats your way!***


Join Facebook’s Social Distancing Society for giggles, jokes, and good information. Choose TV shows and movies with uplifting themes.  Search online for places and people who realize “This too will Pass.”

Decide to make the best of a really scary and dreadful situation. Gather those you love into a large virtual community that shares ideas, help, and the determination to beat this virus – no matter what!  With a little online help from the INTERNET, BOOKS, FRIENDS, PHONE, TEXT, and FAMILY, you can do it, and feel proud of yourself as well.




Margot picture


I am children’s author, Margot Finke, originally from Australia. I now live in the US with my husband, three children, and four perfect grandchildren. 

Margot’s Magic – my 16x Books, for ages 4 to 14 years, are all on Amazon. Some of my books have Aussie themes, and I also offer “Content” Editing  +  Writing Guidance.

My Book Catalog is FREE  —  Email: mfinke@frontier.com 


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4 thoughts on “FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS: Margot Finke

  • Many thanks for including my thoughts on surviving Corona19 with your sanity intact. And Rindabeach, for her kind words. We should call it PHYSICAL Distancing, not Social Isolating. Isolation is the last thing we need right now! Wear your masks when out of the house, and keep a good distance between yourself and others. JUMP ONTO the INTERNET, your PHONE, and into all sorts of SOCIAL ONLINE NETWORKS, THIS kind of SOCIAL NETWORKING is fun, expands your social contacts, and will help you survive this Pandemic with new friendships, and sharper humor. GO FOR IT!


    • Thank you, Margot, for your wonderful tips. I’m sure it challenging for a lot of people to decide the proper way to deal with this Corona crazy world we’re living in right now. If people continue to use common sense, I’m sure we all will be able to weather this pandemic and keep our sanity in the process…;-)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!


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