BOOK NOOK REVIEWS: Time For Kenney by Brian Pinkney

Time for Kenny - Brian Pinkney - Hardcover

TITLE: Time For Kenny


PUBLISHER: Greenwillow Books, 2021


“Kenny is busy.

Busy and happy, happy and loved.

His grandaddy is waiting.

Will Kenny be dressed in time for the bus?

His sister is ready to play soccer with him.

Kenny has the time of his life!

Oh no, here comes the vacuum cleaner.

But does it scare Kenny?

Not this time! “

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THIS BOOK : Mr. Pinkney’s whimsical illustrations helps introduce readers to a young boy named Kenny. Kenny greets his world full of energy and with a creative imagination. He’s the heart of his family and goes through his day tackling each circumstance with all the force of an adventurous young boy. I like how Kenny explores his world to figure out who he wants to be. This story will leave young readers thinking there’s a little bit of Kenny in all of us. Nice addition to any library!

RATING: ****4 Stars ****


1 star…probably not worth your time.

2 stars…there are some things to like, but could elements have been stronger.

3 stars…this story will appeal to some readers but others might find it lacking something.

4 stars…strong story, nice illustrations, and should grab the attention of many readers.

5 stars…superbly written story, stellar illustrations, a must addition to any book lovers’ collection!


“Eight-year-old Hailey loved wearing hats! She had a special hat for almost every adventure of the week! But what happens when she runs out of hats? Who will she be then?

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