THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: I Am Enough by Sarah Hoskins

When I started this new blog post series, I did it with the idea of sharing the WHY I created my stories, but then I thought…why not share OTHER authors STORY BEHIND “THEIR” STORY? I put the call out and soon I had tons of authors who wanted to share their backstories with my readers. This week my friend and children’s book author, Sarah Hoskins, is sharing the WHY she wrote her newly released series, I AM ENOUGH. Take it away, Sarah…

I Am Enough by Sarah Hoskins

I don’t think of myself as an author, I’m very much a beginner. Writing children’s books was never really in my plans but something that really just fell into my lap.

One day I had noticed that my young niece was saying negative things about herself. “I’m fat” and “I’m ugly”. I was so shocked that she was saying those things about herself at such a young age. I’ve come to realize though that our internal dialogue starts earlier than we realize. Kids are very impressionable and with added pressures these days of YouTube and social media who wouldn’t feel less then.

The more I thought about it the more I felt just really sad. I wanted her to feel good about herself and to help her start to change the way she was talking about herself. So I started looking for a positive affirmation book for kids. I didn’t really find what I was looking for specifically for her age group 2-8 year-olds.

So I decided to write one myself. One of my first books I AM ENOUGH – Positive Affirmations for Girls.

Now if I told anyone that I was writing a children’s book they probably would have laughed in my face. It’s so different to anything that I have done before but I’m very resourceful and also creative which I’ve come to realize. The process of writing and creating the book has been very therapeutic and an enjoyable process for me.

When writing the affirmations for the book my focus was really on my niece. I thought about her age, her beautiful personality and what I thought would be important positive seeds to plant in her mind. I came up with many positive affirmations but decided to keep it to the 12. I wanted to keep it short and simple to remember. Affirmations are so powerful when repeated regularly.

I then had to find an illustrator. I knew that I wanted the book to have amazing pictures to help bring the affirmations to life especially considering the age group that I was writing the book for. The illustrations were important.

I was lucky enough to come across Mariia Luzina. An amazing Italian artist that I found on Up Work. She bought my vision to life better that I could have ever imagined. We worked so effortlessly together and managed to have the book ready to be published within a few weeks.

I had to decide how I would publish my book after all I had never done this before. After a little research I decided to self-publish my book through amazon KDP. I had already successfully been selling physical products on amazon so I was familiar with the company and decided that would be a good place to start, after all who knows how the book would turn out and if anyone would even be interested in buying it.

I was also lucky that Mariia had experience with publishing her own books on KDP so she helped in making sure I had the right files to upload. On 31st December 2021 my very first book was published.

After getting so much amazing feedback on my first book I decided to write I AM ENOUGH –
Positive Affirmations for Boys. This one written and inspired by my beautiful two year old son

Sarah Hoskins is a mom who lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband Ross and beautiful son Caleb. Caleb being the inspiration for one of her first books “I am enough – Positive affirmations for boys”. Before she started writing children’s books her life’s work had always been about helping people stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Now she enjoys spending her time cooking, creating and having wild adventures with her son.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @sarahhoskins or @iamenoughbook

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