Any writers interested in working with Story Catcher Publishing should review the following checklists for Query Letter Submissions and Project Manuscript Submissions. Any questions, please send your email to We look forward to working with you!

Query Letter Submissions:

!. Make sure your project fits the genres we are interested in looking at. We are currently looking for Picture books, Chapter Books, Young Adult Fantasy or Mystery, and certain other novel genres or other works up to 50,000 words.

2. If this is your first time creating a query letter, check out this link for ideas on writing a strong query letter…How to Write a Query Letter [+ Free Querying Toolkit] (

3. Be sure to include things like your bio, contact information, any prior published work, and links to any social media platforms you may have. All authors potentially working with Story Catcher Publishing will be vetted.

4. Please do not forward any manuscript unless specifically requested by a member of our team. We will review query letters as quickly as possible depending on volume received. If we are interested in reading your manuscript, we will reach out to you via email with forwarding information.

Manuscript Submissions:

1. Any manuscripts submitted to Story Catcher Publishing should first go through several revisions and at least one professional edit for overall spelling, grammar, rhyme, rhythm and meter (if a rhyming picture book) and beta read for storyline and potential marketability before submitting to us. Publishing is a business and any authors interested in working with our team should treat their work professionally.

2. We prefer email submissions with manuscripts attached either as a PDF.

3. Make sure to include a well written cover letter. For examples, check out this link…The 23 Best Cover Letter Examples: What They Got Right (

4. It is our hope that all submissions will be read and reviewed within a six-week period after receiving it. Depending on the volume of submissions, we hope to respond to all inquiries. If you haven’t heard from us after six weeks, feel free to follow up with us via email to make sure we’ve received your submission.

We know how much effort is put into each writing project. We will treat all submissions with the respect it deserves and hope we are able to collaborate with you in the near future to bring your stories to life!