Katie felt the edges of that familiar dream drifting away as she opened her eyes to bright sunlight filtering through the closed curtains. It always began the same. Sam walking in from a hard day in the fields, smelling of sweat and outdoors. Katie reaching out to give him a kiss but his image just disappears, leaving her cold and crying.

She lay in bed for a moment longer and wished she could follow Sam to where he hid during the daylight hours. What she wouldn’t give to have one more moment to look into those grey eyes. One more moment to fill herself up with his scent. To snuggle her cheek against his flannel shirt right next to the steady drumming of a heart that had loved her since they were in middle school.

But Sam took that love with him when he died, leaving a razor sharp hole in the middle of her soul where her heart once was. Six months gone by and Katie still had a hard time dragging herself out of bed. The sharp sound of the doorbell startled her out of her gloomy thoughts and Katie quickly threw on some old sweats before running downstairs.

Moments later she was setting a large cardboard box on the bed. Staring at it in shock for a moment, Katie slowly reached out a trembling hand to grasp the envelope with her name written out in Sam’s bold handwriting.

How is this possible?

The bunny on the front of the Easter card made her smile, even as silent tears began to role down her face. Sam lived for springtime on the farm. His deep timbered voice drifted through her mind as she read his words written inside…


“Hello Babe,

By the time you get this card, I’ll be waiting on the other side for you. You know I would have stayed if I could, but I thought this little guy would help you through our first spring apart. Never forget, sweetheart, that some bunny loves you!



Peeking inside, she couldn’t help but smile through the tears as she gently removed the small bundle of fur. Twitching whiskers nuzzled her neck as she cuddled the rabbit closer to her. It smelled of springtime…Sam’s favorite time of the year. Taking a deep breath, Katie carried her gift to the window and pulled back the curtains. She could just make out a splattering of violets peeking through the green of the front yard. No one ever said losing a loved one would be easy, but Sam’s last gift of love gave her something to hold onto until they met again…









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