Stacey kicked the tire one more time. Dust puffs swirled in the hot breeze blowing across the arid terrain. What a rotten place to break down. She could see mountains far off in the distance but in the desert, there was no way to tell if it was one mile or twenty miles away.

Leaning through the open window, Stacey reached for her phone lying on the dash. After punching in several numbers with no luck, she tossed it back in the car in disgust. Of course there’d be no signal! Whatever possessed her to accept that job interview in the first place? Now she was going to miss maybe getting that new job and all she had to show for skipping work was a busted radiator, a dead phone, and a sure-fire argument with Brad once she made it back home.

The thought of another senseless fight with her boyfriend made Stacey kick her tire again in frustration. That particular relationship had been going downhill for the past few months and lately she’s felt like it was headed for a dead end, just like the road in front of her. Scanning the horizon in search of any movement, Stacey wiped the sweat from her brow and tried to settle the angry butterflies beginning to swarm in her stomach.

Not a soul in sight. 

Too late now to wish she had grabbed a drink before heading out. Stacey could feel the heat starting to get to her. All she could do was crawl back into the car and wait for help to show up.

Too bad she forgot to tell anyone where she was going today…