As we move closer to Christmas Day and edging toward the end of the year, I’m thinking back to my childhood and some of the Christmas gifts that made a lasting  impression on my young mind.




The earliest Christmas gift I remember was when I was about three or four years old. Santa brought me a large plastic frog attached to a long yellow tube with a bulb at the end of it. If you squeezed the bulb, air was forced through the tube and the frog jumped. I loved that frog, thought it was the coolest toy ever, and spent many hours playing with it.


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When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I received a baby doll I named Billy. With movable arms and legs,  I loved on him for many years. I remember the time a dog got ahold of Billy and he ended up with one less leg than he arrived with. Not to be undone, I simply tore off his other leg and let him move around by bouncing on his butt. Long after I grew up and moved, Billy was stored away, just waiting for me to return. When my parents died and I became the executor of the estate, I uncovered my old friend tucked away in a box upstairs in the attic and took him back with me to Dallas. Unfortunately, Billy wasn’t able to travel with me when I later moved to Tennessee and I hope he found a new forever home where a child would love him as much as I did.




But my favorite Christmas present from my childhood was the year my sister and I received matching blue bicycles. I was about 9 years old and all we wanted to do was be able to sail down the road on those things. We ended up crashing them and bending the frames on our very first solo rides, but THAT is the topic of another story. Simple to say that bike allowed me a greater sense of freedom than walking ever would, and my favorite destination, of course, was our local library.

I’m not a child any more and I’ve seen a lot of Christmases, but I still get excited with unwrapping each gift which comes my way. It never matters what is inside each package. The monetary value means nothing to me. It’s the thought the giver put into each gift that touches my heart more than words can say. It’s probably why I put my heart and soul into each story I write…to share a little magic I found during this time of the year, whenever I can…




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