BOOK NOOK REVIEWS: When The Sky Roars by Katie Weaver

TITLE: When The Sky Roars


PUBLISHER: A Little Offbeat Publishing, 2021

SYNOPSIS: Little Liam is tired of being afraid when the sky roars – thunderstorms are NOT his favorite. So, he’s off on the ultimate quest to find out what’s roaring and get it to quit!

This silly, light-hearted (completely fictional) story will certainly bring smiles on any rainy day! When The Sky Roars is also a great reminder that there are often sweet things awaiting for you on the other side of a fear faced.

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THIS BOOK : I can so relate to the young man in this story. Thunderstorms and lightning were not my friends when I was growing up. As a young adult I lived through a tornado passing directly over my mobile home. I’ve even survived the wrath of numerous hurricanes. The difference between myself and this young man is that he had the courage to face his fears, discovering the magical reason for what really happens WHEN THE SKY ROARS. With a strong rhyming story and lovely illustrations, author/illustrator Katie Weaver creates a fun explanation to help calm children’s fears over Mother Nature’s grand symphony! A great addition to any library!

RATING: *****5 Stars *****


1 star…probably not worth your time.

2 stars…there are some things to like, but could elements have been stronger.

3 stars…this story will appeal to some readers but others might find it lacking something.

4 stars…strong story, nice illustrations, and should grab the attention of many readers.

5 stars…superbly written story, stellar illustrations, a must addition to any book lovers’ collection!



Jack is afraid of the THING in the closet. Monty is afraid of the LUMP in the bed. One day boy and monster both decide they no longer want to fear what hides in the dark. Both have a plan, but will be surprised by what they discover after A BUMP IN THE NIGHT.

***Ebook Pre-orders happening now and paperback edition releasing August 2nd!***

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