Kelly regained consciousness as a wave of pain shot through his skull. The lump on the back of his head the size of a goose egg gave him a real good indication why he had a splitting headache. Gingerly feeling all over the rest of his body, Kelly felt grateful that was the only injury he had. For a moment, he kept his eyes closed to the bright light he felt coming from overhead and just lay on the rocky ground digging into his back.

The last thing he could remember was coming across a couple of local thugs outside a cafe not far from the hostel where he was staying. So much for traveling half way around the world to help some starving third world village have a better life. Second week into a two month missions trip already cursed with terrible living conditions, questionable food, and now this!

Realizing for the first time the surface he was laying on wasn’t the ground at all but something gently rolling him back and forth, Kelly slowly opened his eyes to find himself huddled in the bottom of an old boat. Surprise made him jerk upright…a decision he instantly regretted when the boat immediately started to toss him around. The swift motion brought another wave of pain shooting through his head and disturbed alligators lying motionless on the bank of the river just a few feet from his boat. Motionless that is, until they caught the boat’s movement and began silently slipping one by one into the murky water to head in his direction.

A cold sweat broke out all over his body as Kelly frantically looked around and realized there was nothing in the boat he could use to defend himself. His buddies warned him all the time his mouth was going to get him into trouble one day. Kelly looked at the rippling waters heading in his direction and realized in terror that TROUBLE was about to come calling!

Now it’s your turn. How does this story end? Does Kelly become alligator bait? Add to my story or start a new one in the comments below…





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