Title: Mermaid Tails: The Narwhal Problem
Author: Debbie Dadey
Illustrator: Tatevik Avakyan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Publishing
Ages: 8-10




Kiki is super excited — a narwhal is visiting Trident City!  Kiki has always wanted to see a narwhal, but they live far away under the ice in the Arctic Circle, so it’s never been possible until now.

Doctor Reef is having a code-breaking contest. Whoever can solve her code will get to meet the narwhal. Kiki doesn’t know anything about codes. All the merkids in her class seem to know a lot, and they all want to win. Kiki’s going to have to learn everything she can about codes — and fast!

But when they finally do meet the narwhal, Kiki and her merbuddies learn that there is a big problem in the ocean…something that could hurt them all. Is there anything they can do to solve this mystery?


Why you should read it:


Who doesn’t like mermaids? And mysterious sea creatures who look like unicorns? Award winning author, Debbie Dadey has another winner on her hands with the latest in her Mermaid Tales series.  By combining a catchy story line with characters elementary children find engaging, Ms. Dadey weaves a whimsical tale while subtly introducing school age kids to basic coding.

Teachers will find the Narwhal Reports in Code useful and challenging for students to think outside the box. 

With more than 170 published books to her name, author Debbie Dadey is quite possibly  the undisputed queen of successful chapter book series. Her latest effort, The Narwhal Problem, would make a great addition to any home or school library!

Like-O-Meter Rating: 5 out of 5…grab it!
**Rating scale**
5 out of 5…grab it!
4 out of 5…think about it.
3 out of 5…take or leave it.
2 out of 5…maybe not for you.
1 out of 5…forget about it!

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