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When Story Catcher Publishing opens for submissions in the Fall in 2023, the writers we will be working with will come to us from one of two groups. One group of writers will have worked on their author platforms before submissions and will be able to show us the strength of their social media networking. The other group of writers will still be learning their way around social media and might need our help once it’s decided to work with them on their project. If you are in that second group or even just don’t know some of those sites out there to promote yourself and your work, here is a brief overview of the major social media platforms to consider:

  1. Author Websites

WordPress.comOver 400 MILLION people use or visit a WordPress website every month. Probably one of the most used website hosting companies, WordPress has a free version that gives authors the ability to set up their own website as well as being able to run their blogs from the same account. There is also an easy way to create a online bookstore on the WordPress site so an author can display their books with purchase links included. You can find a beginner course on learning how to use WordPress by clicking on this link…Over 180 MILLION people use or visit a Wix website each month. The free version offers website, blogging, and ecommerce support but does have some limitations. Here is a review of the pros/cons of using Wix……Over 4.2 MILLION people use or visit a Squarespace website every month. I don’t know much about this provider but apparently there are enough people using this website host every month to possibly consider using it. Here is a review of the pros/cons of using Squarespace…

It may not be as important as to which website provider works best for YOU as long as you work on creating a website so potential readers of your books will be able to find you. YOU have to create a way to promote your author identity to the world.

2.…The website hosts listed above are just a few of the options to host your blog. is the original way to create and maintain a blog. It is used by only 1% of internet users, but still offers a strong basic program for a beginner writer. Here is a review of the pros/cons of using Blogger…

3.…Over 2.9 BILLION people use or visit a Facebook page every month. While there is some negativity (political, religious, social, etc) on Facebook, there are many, many Facebook groups supporting writers and their books. Here is more information about why you might want to consider creating a Facebook account…

4.…Over 396 MILLION people use or visit Twitter every month. I’m slowly building my following on this social site. Twitter readers are different than some of the other sites because they look for frequent, short bursts of information throughout their day. Here is more information about why you might want to consider creating a Twitter account…

5. 500 MILLION people use or visit Instagram every month. I don’t have a huge following on this social site but what writers need to realize is that you don’t have to have thousands of followers on EVERY social site, to have a strong following over ALL sites. Here is more information about why you might want to consider creating an Instagram account…

6.…Over 478 MIILLION people use or visit Pinterest every month. I use my Pinterest account to collect possible story ideas, create collections of things that interest me, and connect with my followers on a different level. Here is more information about why you might want to consider creating a Pinterest account…

7.…Over 900 MILLION people use or visit Linkedin every month. This social site, for me, is more about networking and possible job connections. I share my brand and connect with writer groups. Here is more information about why you might want to consider creating a Linkedin account…

9.…Over 2.5 BILLION people use or watch YouTube videos every month. I am just starting to use this social site and have a couple of book trailers on YouTube, but I have much to learn about how can grow my brand. Here is more information about why you might want to consider creating a YouTube account…

10.…Over 732 MILLION people use or watch TikTok videos every month. I don’t really use TikTok for Story Catcher Publishing but even then, I managed to pick up some followers who enjoy the videos I share that other creators make. There are opportunities for writers on this social site and ways to grow. Here is more information about why you might want to consider creating a TikTok account…

What should newbie writers focus on?

Many new writers get overwhelmed by the fact there are so many social media sites to choose from. You have to know what you want from your author platform. Whatever you choose, CONSISTENCY needs to happen.

Consistently post.

Consistently engage with your audience.

Share bits of your personality and make yourself REAL to people. Then they will become invested in you and your books. Story Catcher Publishing will be checking out our author submissions this Fall and will vet any authors we are interested in possibly working with. If they have a presence on social media, we’ll look at how they consistently engage with their followers. And if they don’t have a presence, then we’ll know how we might be able to help them in the future!

Make sure to come back next week for another update on our expansion…


Hybrid published author, Donna L Martin, has been writing since she was eight years old. She is a 4th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo by day and a ‘ninja’ writer of flash fiction, children’s picture books, chapter books, young adult novels and inspirational essays by night. Donna offers occasional BOOK NOOK REVIEWS of great children’s books and offers WRITERLY WISDOM to new and established writers. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, Alliance of Independent Authors, and Children’s Book Insider. Donna loves dark chocolate, going to the beach and adding to her growing book collection.

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